Community Resources

Family Counseling

Family relationships can become strained in times of crisis.  Qualified counseling is available at the offices listed below.  Most of the agencies offer low-cost counseling.

American Red Cross (Military Families & Disaster)                
Call 434-979-7143 or click here

Center for Clinical Psychology Services                                   
Call 434-924-7034 or click here

Charlottesville Pregnancy Center                                              
Call 434-979-8888 or click here

Call 434-296-4118 or click here

Commonwealth Catholic Charities                                              
Call 434-974-6880 or click here

Family Preservation Services                                          
Call 293-4262 or click here

FOCUS Women’s Resource Center                                            
Call 434-293-2222

JABA Care Management Program                                                
Call 434-817-5222 or click here

Jefferson Area CHIP                                                          
Call 434-964-4700 or click here

On Our Own/Drop In Center 
Call 434-979-2440 or click here

Planned Parenthood of the Blue Ridge                          
Call 434-296-1000 or click here

Region Ten                   
Call 434-972-1800 or click here

University of Virginia Family Stress Clinics
Call 434-243-6868 or click here

University of Virginia Pediatric Psychology
Call 434-243-5500 or click here

University of Virginia Psychiatric Services
Call 434-243-4646 or click here

The Women’s Initiative
Call 434-872-0047 or click here

Food & Housing

Blue Ridge Area Food Bank
Call 540-248-3663 or click  here

MACAA (Monticello Area Community Action Agency)
Call 434-295-3171 or click  here.

United Way 
Food & Financial Assistance, and Family Resources

Call 434 -972-1701 or click  here.
United Way Guide to Family Resources

Enroll Virginia!
Family assistance in applying for low cost health coverage.
Call 1-888-392-5132 or click  here


Comcast - Internet Essentials
Internet for $9.95/month for eligable families
Call 1-855-832-9548 or click here

Community Investment Collaborative
Call 434-218-3481 or click here

Children's Fitness Clinic
1204 W Main St.
Call 434-982-1607 or click here

Teen Counseling Hotline

Child Abuse Hotline

UVA Women's Center Free Legal Clinic
Call 434-982-2361, email, or click here.

JLV College Counseling - May Scholarships
Click here for the complete list.

LGBTQ Scholarships
Click here to search by state.